Buffet MENU

Buffet MENU

To Beer:

White pudding with onion, bread /62,- CZK/

Spicy pickled brie, bread /62,- CZK/
Toast with chicken mixture and cheese /89,- CZK/
Warm potato chips with Sweet Chilli Sauce /69,- CZK/


Tripe soup /35,- CZK/
Beef broth with noodles /35,- CZK/

Czech Classics:
Beef goulash with onion and horseradish, dumplings /110,- CZK/
Fried pork / chicken fillet, pickle /120,- CZK/
Beef sirloin in a cream sauce, dumplings /139,- CZK/
Roast duck thigh, dumplings, cabbage /190,- CZK/
Potato pancake stuffed with spicy meat mixture /119,- CZK/

Roasted pork ribs in beer spicy marinade served on a cutting board with Dijon and horseradish dip, delicious onion salad, bread or other pastry /180,- CZK/
Spicy chicken legs, served with sweet chilli sauce, herb dressing and celery, bread or other pastry /150,- CZK/
Pork knie, pickles, horseradish, mustard, bread /219,- CZK/

Quick Dish:

Steak tartare from sirloin with rye bread/145,- CZK/
Sirloin beef steak larded with garlic /230,- CZK/
Fried cheese (Eidam or Camembert), tartar sauce /98,- CZK/
Chicken fillet with ham and cheese /119,- CZK/


Shopska salad (mixed salad with tomato, cucumber, pepper and fetta cheese) /59,- CZK/
Salad "Ceasar" /155,- CZK/
Salád "Caprese"/90,- CZK/

Side Dishes:

Fries /35,- CZK/
Rice /30,- CZK/
Boiled potatoes /30,- CZK/


Dished may contain food allergens. Ask our staff for more informations.